2019 Mining Season: Misty Blue

January 16, 2020

2019 Mining Season: Misty Blue

In addition to making jewelry, I am also a turquoise addict. When I am cross-eyed from making jewelry and my hands can no longer hold a file, I head out on vacation. Unlike some folks, my version of a perfect vacation is a little different. Sure, I love the beach, floating down a river or even going hunting, but my favorite vacation lies in the quiet hills around the small mining town of Tonopah, Nevada. Yup, I go hard rock mining for fun, and in 2019 I was able to go have a lot of fun, spending a combined one in half months camped out in Nevada throughout the year!

Over the year, my partners and I focused heavily on our new prospect, Misty Blue, in the Pilot Mtns. Discovered a couple of years ago, this is a virgin claim. Currently we have begun working the surface and hand digging a promising turquoise lead. We currently mine this spot completely by hand because it is located high on a steep ridge system that in not accessible by truck or ohv, off highway vehicle.

Throughout the summer we were able pull out some 45 pounds of usable rough. The color ranges from a beautiful deep aqua green to a lofty sky blue. All of the material is very silicated and very hard taking a perfect polish. The turquoise is forming as nuggets and seam material.

Once cut it is hard to tell Misty Blue from such classics as Blue Gem, and Fox turquoise. We look forward to hiking our tools and screens up the hill next spring to see what this mine has to offer just under our feet. Check out my jewelry and Jewelry featuring Misty Blue, (Click Here)

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