About Jesse


Born and raised in the American Southwest, Jesse, has spent his life traveling and experiencing the beauty of this amazing landscape. From an early age he was introduced to the timeless aesthetics of silver and turquoise. After pursuing a career in archaeology he began a new journey working with his hands and heart. Under the tutelage of Randy, “Bubba” Shackelford and Jock Favour in Prescott, Arizona and with a deep appreciation for the work of Native silversmiths, he has begun a new chapter in my life.

Like the first smiths and plateros of the Southwest, Jesse creates one of kind tufa cast ingot, hand wrought, coin silver jewelry. Incredibly labor intensive, this method produces jewelry that is classic, timeless, and truly one of kind. Jesse creates his work to be worn and experienced. Like an old friend, a good bracelet or ring tells its own stories and reminds us of the incredible journeys we all have. The traditional methods of construction I use results in work that can be worn for a lifetime and like our shared stories and experiences can be handed down for generations.

The journey so far!

Growing up in Prescott, Arizona, he was surrounded by Native American art and jewelry. Jesse's mom, with a trained eye, collected early Navajo and Hopi silver and turquoise work. As a child Jesse and his brother and I wore their grandpa's old bolo ties. When Jesse graduated high school he was given his first silver bracelet. A bracelet he wore everyday through his archaeology career. Turquoise and silver jewelry has always been a part of his life.

Now, Jesse, travels to the remote corners of Nevada to source his turquoise directly from his claims and those who have spent generations mining the rare stone. From the earth Jesse sculpts the stones and places each one with intent into his one of kind coin silver ingot jewelry. With stones as unique as each of us and silver work designed to last for generations, each piece of Jesse's work carries a story as rich as the wild places of the American Southwest.

Find your stone, find your jewelry, and find your adventure.

- Jesse Robbins

On the Turquoise Trail

From Prescott, it always seems, that Jesse finds he is heading west for stones, and east for art. Through his travels, he collects pieces that speak to him. These items come in the form of both historic and contemporary Southwest and Native works. A good bracelet is just a good bracelet and a great stone has him pulling out his wallet. As he continues to travel and curate jewelry and other crafts, he truly loves the opportunity to share those works with others. Above all, these timeless works of art, never fail to weave the thread that binds so many of the amazing people he has had the pleasure to meet as he bumps down the turquoise trail.

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