Jesse Robbins Mercury Dime Naja Necklace

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The necklace features 46 tooled and hand-finished mercury dime beads. The holes have been nail-set punched, leaving an elegant and classic look. Each bead has been hand filed and finished giving the beads a texture reminiscent of the early Navajo and Pueblo beads made over 100 years ago.

Bringing the necklace together is a great coin silver tufa cast ingot double naja. The naja set with a historic period/ vintage greasy green pump drilled bead. 

The Necklace is strung on hand-cut brain-tanned deer lace finished with a cotton string wrap. Accenting the wrap is a beautiful deep green Harcross Turquoise Tab. 

Size: Strand is 29 3/4" total length with wrap. 24" of beads. Beads are approx 14mm. The naja measures 3 1/8" by 2 1/2". Tab is 1" by 7/8"

Materials: Mercury Dime Beads. Tufa cast coin silver ingot Naja. Harcross Turquoise. Vintage Turquoise Bead.